When a car enters our shop we complete a thorough analysis of the damage to ensure we’re able to provide you and any involved insurance company with a detailed estimate about the repair process and price. Our computerized estimating process involves using high tech testing equipment and deconstruction of the affected areas in order to get a better view of any potential hidden damage.

Unibody & Frame Repair

Most modern vehicles utilize a unibody construction, meaning the frame and body are one unit that both experience load bearing responsibilities. If any portion of the unibody is damaged it is necessary to return it to pre-loss condition. More and more insurance companies are requiring the use of computerized measuring systems. At Hi-Speed, we complete this process using the latest technology, restoring vehicles to within minuscule measurements of the original specs. We use state-of-the-art frame straightening equipment, the Chief Laser Lock System, for its 10-point accuracy.