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2007 Colliers Custom Cycle
Barrett Jackson 0ct 7-10th 2009
2007 Colliers Custom "Bruiser" model motorcycle. This bike is brand new with only tune in miles. Everthing is brand new and very nice quality throughout. All of the wiring is hidden. 88in Harley Davidson Crate engine made in USA. S&S Carb and custom pipes with header wrap. Primo 3" belt drive and Indian 5 speed transmission. Chrome Harley Hummer tank with cool pop top cap. Drag chassis with 50 degree rake fully molded and painted "Hot Rod Blue". 18 and 21 inch rims with metzler tires. Disc brake "sproder"on the back with GMA master cylinder. Twist grip clutch from Exile. Custom narrow glide and drag style bars. Custom oil bag up front chrome plated. One off mid controls. This is a manufactured bike, not a special construction and is recognized by the Kelley Blue Book. This bike was featured in Barnetts MC Magazine issue #57. Get your knees in the breeze!

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