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1958 Chevrolet Impala

1958 Impala 2 dr Sports Coupe. 5 year every nut and bolt, no detail overlooked, professional restoration completed in 2005. This is the nicest 58 Impala I have ever come across. This car was stripped to bare metal and the body was restored on a rotisserie ensuring every square inch was attended to. Body was cleaned then acid etch primed to ensure longterm longevity of the paint. Beautifully finished in the cars original correct color, "Snowcrest White L936A" This was an Impala Sports Coupe only color. Silver painted rims and a silver top and bottom painted steering wheel automatically came with this color option. Interior sports the exciting 3 tone Turqoise interior. Excellent in every way. Every piece of dash trim was refinished. Every piece of stainless or chrome inside the car and out has been refinished. Interior trim painted the correct Turqoise color and has the correct low gloss sheen. All of the glass in this car with the exception of the back window are NOS pieces with no flaws and all of the correct markings. Rear is nice but has a few minor scratches. All of the weatherstripping and rubber on this car is new or NOS excellent. Rare Power window optioned car. All of the power window mechanisms were rebuilt and work flawlessly. Radio was upgraded to a custom auto sound deck made to fit in the dash with no modifications and offer better sound and a stock appearance. All of the gauges were rebuilt. Look under the dash and it is as detailed as the rest of the car. Like I said before, nothing on this car was overlooked. Under the hood resides the correct 283 power pack engine rebuilt to factory specifications. Correct right up to the G8 datecoded 7012128 Rochester 4 barrel Carb and 8 a 14 datecoded 1102115 Delco generator. Nicely equipped with power steering and brakes. Of course all of the suspension components were rebuilt. Suspension pieces were all stripped to bare metal, etch primed, then painted the correct GM Chassis black. Frame is finished the same and there was no pitting whatsoever, same as the suspension pieces. Correct reproduction exhaust system. Rear differential rebuilt and is correct. Powerglide automatic transmission rebuilt to show specs and performs excellent. Car rolls on radial wide whitewalls for an improved ride compared to the original bias ply tires. Finding a nicer restored and driving 58 Impala anywhere at any price would be near impossible. This car was one loving owners dream and life for the five years he spent restoring it, and the two years he was able to enjoy it before his untimely passing. His wife and daughter entrusted me to find a new owner for this truly special car that will care for it as much as he did. Here is a short list of some casting #'s and date codes. Please call for further questions.

1958 Chevrolet Impala 2 door sports coupe model #1847

Vin # F58L144291

Block: #3737739 A 8 8

Cyl 1 # 3748770 A 28 8

Cyl 2 #3748770 L 30 7

Intake # 3746829 A 16 8

Rt Exhaust # 3747038 A 16

Lt Exhaust # 3749965 A15

Water Pump # 3736493

Distributor # 1110890 8 A 3

Starter # 1107664 8 A 17

Trans # C1223N

Differential # 3725899 A 138 AB115

Carb #7012128 G8

Generato #1102115 8 A 14



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