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1941 Ford "Charlies"
1941 Ford PU that was just brought out of indoor storage since 1962. Originally customized in 1948 by Charles Broder, owner of "Charlies Auto Service" here in Tucson, a shop that closed in the late 80's. Charles was an avid car collector before most current car collectors were even born. When we removed the truck from storage we were able to photograph awards and certifications given to him years ago that were hanging on the walls of the shop. The truck is very solid with no rust in the body. There are a few very minor pinholes in the drivers floor under the mat, but nothing that would require attention. The body is in good shape overall and the paint still shines nicely for a job that was done 65 years ago. The tailgate is pretty dinged up from hauling parts around back then. All of the era accessories were installed in the late 40's , they include bumper gaurds, driving light, locking gas cap, bakelight turn signal switch on shifter, turn signal "arrow" light mounted under the tailgate, motor minder gauge, vacuum operated e-brake buzzer, lantern brake light, flame thrower exhaust, bosch column mounted clock, rocket hood emblem, and spotlight. The striping was done by "Spencer" who I was told used to paint signs for Barnum and Bailey Circus. When we got it I did some restoration to make it drivable and safe, but no cosmetic restoration was performed short of a buff job on the paint. I just completely rebuilt the brakes, fuel system, rodded out the radiator, installed new radiator hoses, and replaced the wiring harness with a reproduction cloth type from the cowl out. (the original was too brittle and fell apart when handled) The oil and filter was changed and this truck runs very well. It does not smoke or knock and may have been rebuilt shortly before it went into storage. (there is pencil writing under the visor that states "motor Job 57,200 miles." It now has 59,580 miles on the odometer.) If I had to guess... it had to of been rebuilt. The 59A flathead V8 is clean with no oil residue buildup, and the carb was so clean I believe it must have been new shortly before it went into storage. The starter was turning over slower than it should have been, so I had it rebuilt. The 4 wide whitewall tires were very dry with flatspots, so I replaced them with reproduction Firestone tires in the same size, 6.70-15. (I kept the original tires and they will come with the truck) This truck is a joy to drive, it runs flawlessly and idles so quietly it hard to tell its running until you hit the throttle! Items that will come with the truck are the vehicle registrations from 1952 -1962(still on the column mounted registration holder registered to "Charlies auto Service" and the front plate from 61 matches the last Reg.) Photos of wall mounted documents and pictures of the car in front of the shop.(On Disc) 2 different Key chains from the 40's or early 50's from "Charlies Auto Service" with the phone # listed as 2-3411 (same as on the door of the truck). A few items that were in the glove box including notes on the shop letterhead, a map of Tucson from the 50's, matchbooks from the 50's, instruction pamphlet for the "Motor Minder" gauge, etc. This truck is a true time capsule and a real shop truck, not one Faux painted up to look like one. In Addition the 40-41 Ford Pickups are by far one of the most collectible and desirable trucks Ford ever built. Unbelievable Find

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